“Wake up in the morning with a head like ‘What ya done?'”

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Yeah so last night was totally made of awesome. I know I said all this on Facebook when I was completely freaking out last night but I thought I’d come over here and talk a little more.

So yeah, Chris Colfer was three people away from me, dancing and singing to the live Scissor Sisters show for the New Yorker Festival. Holy crap you guys!! It was so difficult not to stare at him (which I didn’t). Maybe 4 or 5 times during the 45 minute show I looked over and that was it. Nobody around me recognized him except one guy who took a picture. Seriously, if I had been drinking I would have punched this guy. First, he was very rudely in my space and second, leave CC alone! He was obviously there to have fun, let him be! That’s why I was trying to not stare or make a noticeable fuss – even though on the inside I was dying from excitement. πŸ™‚

I thought it would be funny to post on here the text messages I sent to friend of the blog Sarah while this was all going on. Reading them now, you would never know I’m in my late 20s.I’m going to type these out word for word, incorrect spellings and all (my hands were shaking so bad at the time, i was so excited)

Oct 1, 2011 11:21pm

Holy shut chris colfer is right next to me at scissor sisters!!!!!

Omg he’s dancing


No better than anyone else

Omg he’s drinking!!!!!!!

Trying not to stare

He has two bodyguards

Looks lonely

Oct 1, 2011 11:32pm

He’s so pretty I want to stare and I can’t!

And he’s singing

Man crazy

And he’s gone 😦

He left show is almost done too many people were noticing he was here

Sad kid can’t even have fun

Oct 1, 2011 11:47pm

I cannot believe he was there! Next to me!!!

I know he’s a fan that’s how I heard of the band I’m the first place but I didn’t think he’d be there! Gah!

So u don’t think I’m a stalker I’m a huge fan of the band CC not the reason I was there

And that’s the end of it. Crazy silly I know but c’mon! I had just seen him in a 90 minute interview on the other side of Manhattan and that had pretty much gone out of my head as I was listening to the interview with the Scissor Sisters and being blinded by the fabulous Jake Shears’ florescent yellow three piece suit. Then the music started and everyone is singing and dancing. A couple of songs in, I’m looking around to see if I’m the only one making a fool of myself with dancing (which I wasn’t) and there he was! Yes, three people removed but he was on this raised platform thing so he was easy to see. His one bodyguard I recognized from the earlier interview and there were about 4 other people surrounded him shielding him from us commoners. Oh man he looked good! I’m so glad nobody bugged him while he was there (at least I don’t think anyone did) and I hope my 4 glances his way were in no way offensive. πŸ™‚

So in other news, guys, seriously, Scissor Sisters is AWESOME!!! So not the type of music I usually listen to but I highly recommend checking them out. The album Ta-Dah is the most accessible. They have amazing live chemistry and that I only had to pay $30 to see about an hour long show with this rocking band along with only about 100 other people + Kurt HummelΒ  was beyond anything I think I’ll ever get to do again.

If you’re interested in this amazing band, fair warning: they are a little…a lot…way over the top risque. I suppose the name of the band probably tipped you off on that (yes, the name comes from exactly where your dirty mind is thinking it comes from) The lead man Jake Shears loves to take his clothes off all the time (sadly he didn’t last night). But don’t let that turn you off, their music is so much fun! The band is cool, there are two lead singers: Jake and Anna Matronic and then two guitar players: Del and BabyDaddy.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite songs of theirs that Anna actually takes the lead on. Check it out! They have a new album coming out next year!!


I remember why I hate the Cowboys

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Effing Tony Romo. The Cowboys had that game and he just handed it to the Jets (who btw didn’t look all that great if you ask me). But thanks to Romo pulling…well…a Romo, I lost this week to Dad. We bet on 4 games this week:

Lions v Tampa Bay
Steelers v Ravens
Bills v Chiefs
Dallas v Jets

I only won the Bills/Chiefs game.

WEEK 1 Standings:
DAD: 3
ME: 1


2011 NFL Postseason Predictions: I’m officialy crazy

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I’m crazy in picking this but since the season starts on Thursday, here it goes. Dad, you best put your thinking cap on to beat me this year.



AFC East: Patriots (1st seed)

AFC North: Steelers (2nd seed)

AFC South: Texans (3rd seed)

AFC West: Chargers (4th seed)

Wild Cards: Jets (5th seed), Ravens (6th seed)

Of note: You’ll notice the Colts are not on the list. That’s my big gamble for this conference.


NFC South: Falcons (1st seed)

NFC North: Packers (2nd seed)

NFC East: Eagles (3rd seed)

NFC West: Cardinals (4th seed)

Wild Cards: Cowboys (5th seed), Rams (6th seed)

Of note: No Lions, No Saints, No Bears…oh my


Wild Card Round (winners in RED):

Ravens vs. Texans
Jets vs. Chargers

Rams vs. Eagles
Cowboys vs. Cardinals

Of Note: Texans are surprise team of the AFC, that momentum will carry them through this round against aging Ravens team. Cowboys will finally win a playoff game as Kevin Kolb will fold under pressure after surprising the league with team getting to playoffs. Michael Vick (if healthy) will be too much for the offensively strong Rams. And the Jets just suck so of course they’ll win this round…again.

Divisional Round (winners in RED):

Jets vs. Patriots
Texans vs. Steelers

Cowboys vs. Falcons
Eagles vs. Packers

Of Note: The week off will hurt the Packers even though they will be at home but the Falcons will not fold to that again this year as Cowboys will not be able to win on the road twice like the Eagles will. Momentum for that team will be scary throughout the postseason. In the AFC, the Texans fairytale ends in Pittsburgh with a too talented offense and a scary defense that will be well-rested. Patriots get payback for last year’s thumping on a banged-up Jets team. Big time. Look for some Rex Ryan tears.


Steelers vs. Patriots

Eagles vs. Falcons

Of Note: Eagles momentum gets them their third road win, happens every year to some team. Will be a crazy game with Vick playing against his old team. Matt Ryan will have already proven he can win in postseason from previous week. I just see the Eagles having more to play for here. In the AFC, if the Patriots can get over the hump of beating the Jets and winning their first postseason game since losing the Super Bowl, you might as well hand Belichick the Lombardi trophy then and there. Steelers won’t be a match for them in Foxborough – especially since they are still smarting from their own loss. Has a team ever lost the Super Bowl to go on and win it the next year? I know the Bills went and lost 4 years in a row.


Patriots vs. Eagles

Of Note: I’ve been predicting this since early August at least and I know I’m not totally crazy as I’ve seen some analysts pick this as well. It’s as simple as this: No way do Tom Brady and Bill Belichick go to the Super Bowl and lose again. Not going to happen. The Eagles will be spent by this point, no fairytale ’07 Giants story here. It will take everything they got to beat Atlanta and they will have peaked before this game. If When the Pats win, look to start hearing inane chatter about Belichick retiring (I can just hear sports radio: “How much more can you accomplish?”) Not going to happen of course, not at least until Brady stops playing or is traded.

Season Of Note:

  • If Manning plays for the Colts, they could definitely make the playoffs but my guess is he doesn’t play the full season. They’ve hired a backup and now ESPN is reporting that Manning isn’t practicing this week.
  • Because of the lockout, the more stable teams – your Patriots, Steelers and so forth – will have an advantage over those teams with big turn around, which is why you won’t see as many out-of-the-blue teams make it this year like in previous years.
  • I think instead we’ll see some of the bigger name teams fall, like the Saints, the Bears and the Colts.
  • Teams on the rise: Lions, Bucs, Jags, Raiders, Browns and Bills. None will make the playoffs this year.



“There’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York”

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Ah, Labor Day weekend or as I like to call it, the official end of summer. Now I understand that summer technically lasts a few more weeks but growing up in Canfield, Ohio, summer ended with the Canfield Fair over Labor Day weekend. Always. We all know I hate summer, the heat is unbearable and there is nothing on television. The period between September and New Year’s is my favorite time of year so I’m jazzed.

With that said and with this very quiet three-day weekend I’m imposing on myself, I’ve decided to take a look back at this summer. It turns out, I did quite a lot. So here it goes, in no real order:

  • Got a promotion…and a raise!
  • Tried absinthe for the first and last time
  • Smoked my last cigarette EVER (that’s going to be a shock to some of you. For the record, my last was only my 8th in my lifetime. Never doing it again though, for private reasons)
  • Went to the Glee Live concert
  • Went to Washington D.C. to see the Glee Concert Movie
  • Went to Hyannis, MA to see the Glee Concert Movie
  • Did not see said movie in New York.
  • Met some pretty cool gay guys
  • Met some sort of pretty cool straight guys who I mistook for being gay
  • Unsuccessfully tried contacts, got awesome new glasses instead
  • Got a hole in my bathroom and got it fixed
  • Survived a hurricane
  • Went to Coney Island for the first time
  • Went to Bronx Zoo for the first time and saw 4 bears play in the water
  • Discovered I want to live in Brooklyn Heights
  • Saw Tim Lincecum pitch
  • Think I passed Rex Ryan in Central Park
  • Dyed my hair back to brown
  • Went to my last midnight movie ever – Harry Potter, I love you but that was just painful
  • Purchased the most expensive theater ticket I’ve ever gotten for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
  • Attended Wicked in New York for the first time. Magical!
  • Oooh, and saw a no-fly performance of Wicked for the first time!
  • June fiscal year end – worked 12 days straight for over 10 hours each – I mentioned that promotion right? πŸ™‚
  • Took my first staycation – didn’t like it much
  • Got to juggle auditors and budget data all on my own while my boss was on vacay
  • Stood on the stage of the Colonial Theater completely by myself
  • Mastered the American Idiot album on Rock Band – Medium level
  • Opened a Lord & Taylor credit card account – Bad Nicki
  • Got the most awesome pair of shoes ever from … Lord & Taylor
  • Gained too much weight – eesh
  • Started singing again, much to the dismay of my neighbors
  • Finished Battlestar Galactica
  • Graciously agreed to go double or nothing on this year’s NFL bet. You know who you are, you better bring it!
  • Spent more time on buses than is healthy
  • Saw a lot of movies, best one was definitely The Help
  • Celebrated my one-year anniversary of moving to New York with a rent-increase crisis over Memorial Day weekend.
  • Realized that I don’t have to have everything figured out just yet.

Overall, a good summer that went pretty fast. Now it’s time for it to be over. I want the fall weather. Football starts on Thursday. My TV shows start in a couple of weeks and before I know it, it will be time to start planning for the pumpkin carving contest at work.

Happy Fall Everyone!!! πŸ™‚

Oh this makes me SO MAD!

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I can’t say this on Facebook since unfortunately many of my friends on there are doing this but, PEOPLE STOP COMPLAINING THAT THIS WASN’T A WORSE STORM!!!

Did you WANT New York City to be completely under water? Did you want people to be evacuated with helicopters? Did you want more fatalities? More costly damage? More lives put in danger?

We should be grateful that Hurricane Irene wasn’t as bad as it could have been, not angry at the Mayor or the media for repeatedly warning us about it. What if they hadn’t said anything? Hadn’t ordered evacuations or set up evac sites and Irene hit us as hard as it could have? You’d all be bitching about the government not doing anything. The time for that was six years ago with Katrina, not here. Our local, state and federal government stepped up to the plate on this one.

And you know what? I’m glad for you if you had no water problems or downed trees. Others did. This was not some minor storm. It wreaked havoc all night. You were just asleep when it happened. I wasn’t. I was fighting a losing battle against a river coming in my windows. Trust me, it was plenty bad and I’m grateful that it wasn’t worse.

You all should be grateful too. Would you like to experience a hurricane like they get in the south? Have all your possessions destroyed?

End rant.


Check “Go through a hurricane” off the bucket list

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ETA 3: Just found out a good friend’s apartment was struck by a falling tree during Irene. He’s ok but sounds very scary. Just another reason to take these things seriously – but with wine. πŸ™‚

Though, would “hurricane” really be on my bucket list? Somehow I doubt it. πŸ™‚

With all the hype and lead up going into Hurricane Irene, the biggest question I think most people will be asking as this storm moves through NYC and dies up in New England is: Did it live up? Well, for me at least so far, it has been way more action than I’m normally comfortable with. Yes, Irene could go away now. Please.

It wouldn’t have been so bad had, at last count, three of my windows not started to leak at about 1AM this morning. I got a broken 4 hours of sleep with no AC (as it’s currently being flooded by a leaky window) and every 15 minutes I have to empty out bowls of water. Could have been so much worse of course. During the one small period I did get sleep, a tornado cell passed right over me – just as well I wasn’t awake for that.

So now the eye is about an hour away from the city. Everyone is carefully watching the Battery to see if the surge will flood Lower Manhattan. It’s so interesting watching these news reports. First of all, parts of New Jersey now are already seeing sunshine (NOT FAIR). Some areas got blasted and some hardly got anything.

There is standing water outside my apartment. I’ll say – at least up to now – the rain has been much much worse than the wind. I can hear a little but nothing more than a bad storm. The rain however, I’ve never seen it rain so hard for so long in my whole life. Crazy.

This has all been an interesting experience and I’m kind of glad I stayed up to watch most of it through the various TV stations. A few things that absolutely astound me:

  • Unless it happened when I was asleep – and I highly doubt it – I never heard thunder or saw lightning during this whole night. I was expecting really severe thunderstorms and at least Sunnyside didn’t get them.
  • The moisture outside is seeping into my apartment. It’s not just humid, it feels wet in here.
  • White water is so much scarier than clear water. White water rain is not something I need to see again.
  • How many people did not evacuate when told to. They are saying perhaps 50%. I know this was all very hyped up but you can bet if the Mayor or someone told me to evacuate, I would have been gone without a second thought. It’s just not worth it.
  • On HBO this morning, they had a documentary on about Hurricane Katrina. Here’s a tip: don’t watch a documentary about a hurricane while going through a hurricane.
  • Social networking has been my best friend during the storm

So I’ll be back once the eye goes through. Little nervous that sustained wind will finally knock my power out. Thank goodness, I at least got to make coffee this morning. πŸ™‚

ETA: Ok, so the “eye” hit Coney Island at 9am. Now Tropical Storm Irene is pretty much falling apart. Hopefully that means my part of it is nearing an end. Thinking of all my peeps up there in New England, have already heard of some losing power. Stay safe guys!

ETA 2: Don’t let my reports fool you, a lot of places here are under water and are a mess. MTA probably won’t be up till at least tomorrow midday at best case scenario. Thanks Irene.

“Wow, I’m Mr. Manager”

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