Sizeism During a Heat Wave

Question for you – don’t think about it, just answer the first thing that pops in your head: do you judge heavier women that wear sleevelees tops?

I just read an article online about how women should feel confident enough to wear whatever they want, especially in summer when it’s hotter than hell out. I 100% agreed with the article but then I made the mistake of reading the comments section and you know what? People are mean. There were so many comments about how “fat ugly cows” should cover up. I even read one comment from some bitch saying that because she works out, she has earned the right to show her arms and that overweight people have not earned that right.

Since when were clothing styles an earned privelage? The whole thing makes me ill.

Full disclosure: I’ve never been skinny. I never remember a time when I was thin or could walk around in a bathing suit and not feel a bit embarrassed. I’ve been the same size since high school. My whole life I’ve struggled to feel comfortable in my own skin and with age, my self-esteem has risen and given me more courage to wear things that I never believed I was “allowed” to wear. For the most part, the last ten years I’ve been the biggest person in any of my circle of friends and that is something that is not easy, that I’ve had to come to terms with and accept and try to see the beauty in myself. Again with age, it’s gotten easier.

Last night, I went to the theater in a beautiful dress that looked amazing on me and guess what? It was sleeveless! It was 95 fucking degrees outside and I wore a sleeveless dress and I felt pretty damn good about it. Then to wake up this morning and read these comments from people saying they make fun of women who dare to show a little arm fat in the summer – how do you think that makes me feel? Do I deserve to be ridiculed because I’m not a size 6? Does anyone?

Why does our society believe that a size 6 woman is “better” than a size 16? What makes you better? You’re healthier? I get regular checkups and my doctor has given me a clean bill of health. Do you assume than any overweight person is unhealthy? Yes, I’m talking to you miss skinny little thing smoking that cigarette. Actually, one of my very good friends is a miss skinny little smoker and she couldn’t be nicer. Which is to say that we really need to stop judging people by how they look.

Which is not to say I don’t do the same thing. When I see a girl walking around in short shorts with her ass hanging out and a big belly spilling over the waistband, of course I judge and I’m wrong for that. You know what? If that girl has the confidence to wear something so slutty, I say go for it. If a 500 pound woman wants to wear a sleeveless top, whether it’s 100 degrees out or 70, I say go for it. Just like gay marriage, what one person wears or doesn’t wear has absolutely nothing to do with you.

This whole rant is based on the fact that I’m just tired of me being ashamed and other women and men being ashamed over something that is not shameful. We live in an incredibly sizeist society. We preach acceptance then ridicule people who don’t look like us.

So here it goes. I’m a size 16, have been since 9th grade. I’m n0t going to blame it on genes or makes excuses for it. I am what I am and want to love myself for it. And I’m gonna wear sleeveless clothes in summer if I want to. I’m gonna wear a bathing suit to the beach. And if you don’t like it, you can fuck off. 🙂




~ by LMB on 07/01/2012.

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