“If I can make it here…” 2 Years in NYC

Holy cow! This past Wednesday, I celebrated my two year anniversary here in New York City. It’s impossible, utterly impossible, to describe how different my life is now than it was when I left Boston in 2010. Actually, in the past one year alone life has changed dramatically. It’s amazing what a promotion will do. When your life revolves around work, as it does now in New York – unlike it ever did in Boston, and your work escalates beyond what you could have imagined for yourself at 28/29, it’s hard to explain how you got to where you are at.

The past year has been something. While the first year in New York was difficult, the second year has been so chaotic and fast I haven’t even had the chance to decide if it’s been difficult. Between the traveling, the visits, the work, the fun times, the real sucky times, and the work again, I can’t believe I’m already starting on my third year here in the Big Apple.

After the first year, I had decided that even though I loved being here, I couldn’t imagine myself staying my whole life. After this second year, I’ve decided that trying to plan anything in the future is futile. 🙂 Do I like living in New York? Yes and no. Do you 100% like living where you are at? My guess is no.

 I put so much pressure on myself to make this New York thing work out and be all peaches and roses so as to not to have to second guess my decision to come when really that was very unfair of me to do to myself. I was meant to come here, doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. It doesn’t mean you have to pity me. If I’m proud of anything, it’s that I’m doing exactly what I choose to do. If I work hard and long, it’s because I choose to do so, not because anyone makes me.

So what is my hope for year 3? I already have a plan in place to move next Spring and get a dog (a plan that is going fairly well so far though with some setbacks). More so than that, my goal for year 3 in New York is to fashion my life more into what I choose it and want it to be, to go further with this notion of carving my own path, making my own decisions and creating the world I feel comfortable living in.

So there you go, two years in New York and I’m still kicking. It’s true what the song says: if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. You know what keeps me going when I’m dead tired from work or piss poor from spending too much? It’s the “anywhere” part. Right now, my life is in New York. Once I make it here, and I’m on my way, I’m really excited about where my “anywhere” could be.


~ by LMB on 06/03/2012.

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