Thanks for nothing Glee!

Ugh, I’m done with this show.

Totally a rant coming on. Don’t read if you haven’t seen the finale of Glee from last night.

Yes, I care too much about my tv shows. I get too invested in fictional characters and I let their melodramatic fictional lives affect my mood and thinking for way longer than is normal or healthy. We all know that I have loved the show Glee. I’ve loved being introduced to music I would NEVER have listened to before, I’ve loved watching a show at times so silly that it just makes me giggle and smile. I’ve loved following these outcasted kids through a high school experience that was closer to my own than anything on the CW. And I definitely love anything with music (well, except Smash but that’s a different story). I’ve latched on to characters like Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel, Rachel for her ability to dream big and Kurt for his ability to overcome the toughest of situations.

For three years, I’ve invested time and money (and embarrassment – remember that whole T-Shirt Glee Live thing last summer?) into this show. Last night’s episode was a fucking slap in the face. Did anyone else feel like that was a series finale instead of a season finale? The one good thing to come out of it was Finn telling Rachel to go to New York. But there was no wrap-up of other characters. What’s going on with Mercedes and Sam?  How are Tina and Mike coping with being separated? What’s Puck gonna do?

Hell, what’s Kurt gonna do?! That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. The Glee creators made this character of Kurt Hummel and let us ride the tidal waves of emotion he goes through, made us fall in love with Chris Colfer (cause, like, who wouldn’t?), get us totally invested in a gay teenage love story, have Kurt come out triumphant in his NYADA auditon and then in two seconds, dash all of what he’s been working towards for three years and don’t even have the courtesy towards the character and the viewers to give us any kind of inkling that he will be ok or what he’s going to do. There’s a difference between a cliffhanger and not finishing the story. Nevermind that in this lauded relationship, Kurt and Blaine a) never kiss b) don’t even hang out together c) don’t even appear to be a couple on the show. Whether that’s FOX being bigoted, the creators dropping the ball on Klaine or the actors not being comfortable with showing an affectionate – or realistic – teenage relationship, I don’t know. But it irritates the hell out of me.

For three years, I’ve grown to love all of these characters on Glee. Last night, in 60 minutes, the show managed to shit on every one of them except for Rachel.

And next year! I hear rumors that the show is going to be one episode in New York, the next in Lima. If that’s the case, or maybe even if it isn’t, I’m done. To me, Glee ended last night. They should’ve ended the show and done a spin off with Kurt and Rachel in New York. Instead, we’ll only get to see glimpses of a thousand characters which will only result in viewers not caring a lick for any of them.

I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of Glee and still enjoy watching past episodes or listening to the songs. But for the show itself, I’m done. I’m so disgusted by what they did to these characters that I don’t even care what next year is like.

End Rant. 🙂


~ by LMB on 05/23/2012.

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