Down the road

Well folks, I’ve had a really difficult week. This weekend, I’ve used my time to a) rest and b) reflect. Last night, I found myself asking a question that, believe it or not, I have never, EVER thought about before:

Where will you be in 10 years?

I’m not a long-term goal person. I don’t usually look beyond the next handful of months. But for some reason this question popped into my head and it got me thinking. Now, the question is really two rolled into one. First, it asks what you think is going to happen to you which inevitably leads into the second, more crucial part of the question: what do you WANT to happen to you?

This is not a list of what I’m going to do in the next ten years, this is a snapshot of me at 39. 10 years ago, I was a freshmen in college, just learning how to survive away from home. How much has changed since then. How much will change 10 years from now?

So here we go. It’s almost scary to say these things out loud, to let people know where it is you want to be heading but I’m also not one to keep things in my head. Keep in mind, none of this is written in stone. 🙂

10 years from now, I will be approaching 40 years old and I see myself…


  • Higher than I am now. Now, I’m a manager of a 4.5 person department within a department within yet another department. If I stay in my company, I want to be Director, which is currently one step up from where I’m at now but it’s a huge step.
  • Breaking the 6 figure barrier. In actuality, that’s a goal for 35.
  • Back to school in pursuit of a business/managerial degree, with an accent of international accounting
  • Recognizable, a name, on the list – however you want to say that.


  • New York City or London (ha!)


  • Not married – not saying single, not saying with someone, just not married.
  • Proud, happy owner of Eagle, my dog.
  • Not a home owner, still renting but renting nicely
  • Still spending too much but have learned the lessons of youth and not going crazy with it
  • I think I’ll be the exact same weight I am now. It’s been 15 years since that’s changed, I don’t see it changing any time soon. I’m 100% ok with that.


That to me is the biggest question mark about 10 years from now. I have a few guesses and each one I can totally see happening.

  • No children, coming to terms with the idea that children are not for me.
  • Pregnancy scare that has convinced me that I want offspring
  • Pregnancy scare that has convinced me that I do not ever want offspring
  • Unplanned kid that I would love and spoil to smithereens
  • Starting to think about children – looking into adoption scenarios

Can anyone else answer this question for themselves? Or am I one of the few my age still on the fence about it? Curious…


Reading over this, I have a much more clear idea of where I want to be professionally than I do in my personal life which makes sense cause that’s where I’m at right now.

Things that would surprise me:

  • Married with children , driving kids to soccer practice while the hubby goes to the office. That’s not a knock to any woman who does that, it’s just not something I’ve ever seen or wanted for myself
  • Well hell, married with children period.
  • Not working in accounting.
  • I grew up and got rid of all my elephants.
  • Staying exactly at the same spot I’m at now, in all areas.


Which items are wants and which items are predictions? Not sure, a little of both on all of them I guess. It remains an interesting question and I’m sure if I sat down to answer it tomorrow I would come up with different things.

As I stare off into the near future that is my 30’s, I feel more compelled to start thinking this way though. Where am I going? What is it that I want to accomplish?

Something to ponder…


~ by LMB on 02/12/2012.

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