“…but I always say I’m from Queens.”

Well, I have an apartment. Hopefully that’s not jinxing it. I’m going back to New York on Saturday to sign the lease for an apartment. It’s a one bedroom in Sunnyside with laundry and an elevator and it is pet friendly so I would imagine before the year is out I’ll have myself a little puppy dog to call me own. His name will be Eagle. 🙂

The apartment is pretty good. I would say the only downside – besides there not being a dishwasher which isn’t a big deal – is that it is on the older side which scares me a little bit for bugs and what not. But the condition of the place was very good so I’m hopeful.

It’s in an enormous building that has to have at least 40 units in it and it has a live-in super which is good. Probably the best part about the place is that it is roughly 100 dollars cheaper than I had expected to pay for a NY apartment. That’s very exciting!

It’s hard to describe the layout as I don’t have a clear picture of the place in my head but a different unit that I ended up not getting. This one, I believe the bedroom and living room are about 12×17 or somewhere in that area. The kitchen is decent in size as is the bathroom. The unit has 3 closets, none of which are in the bedroom but all three are absolutely enormous.

The building is situated half a block from Queens Boulevard where the #7 subway train is. I’m about 2.5 blocks from the nearest station and that line goes directly into midtown and Times Square where my office is. It should be about a 30 to 40 minute commute door to door which is spectacular.

So that part is done. Now it’s the other little stuff that has to happen such as setting up movers, packing, utilities and all that. I have absolutely no time to get this all done. I don’t know how it’s going to happen so fast, considering that a week from Sunday I’m due in New York. Crazy.

But I’m happy with my decision and now all I can do is hope that it was the right one. Won’t know till I live there.


~ by LMB on 05/20/2010.

2 Responses to ““…but I always say I’m from Queens.””

  1. I would definitely do movers first–they book up quickly.

  2. Somehow I really love this description of your situation, your move. Really giving you our best wishes in your new New York city life. You’ll make it the right decision.


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