New York Apartment Hunting Adventure: Day 1 Recap

If I had a nickel for every NY apartment I’ve seen this weekend, I’d have…15 cents.

To say yesterday was a bust would be slightly exaggerating things but I will say that it was discouraging and depressing how little we got accomplished on our first day of apartment hunting. The fabulous realtor with the fancy website was a total letdown. I had made the appointment with the woman and confirmed with her yet when we got to the office at the appropriate time, she wasn’t even there and her colleagues had to scramble to show me something. We saw two apartments that both reminded me a lot of the Allston apartment I had – and for the record, that is NOT a good thing.

The good part of these apartments were that they were bigger than I was expecting but both were old, not well constructed and on 40th Avenue in Sunnyside which is ok as it’s close to the subway but not far enough into the neighborhood to really get the charm of it. In short, I’m looking for better. Plus one didn’t have laundry and the other, though it had laundry and an elevator, had a sign in the basement that alluded to roaches and mice. No thanks.

The most disappointing thing was that they only had two apartments to show me even after assuring me that there was tons of inventory and that my price range fit the area nicely. So for a 12:30 appointment, we were done by 1:15, left to walk around Sunnyside in a desperate search for a walk-in realtor which we didn’t find. I left my number with a few but all of them were saying that, because of the New York article listing Sunnyside as the third best neighborhood in NYC to live in, inventory in the area was very low.

Completely dejected, we gave up for the afternoon and went to a movie to a) get off our feet after 4 and a half straight hours of roaming Sunnyside and b) to get out of the sun. They don’t call it Sunnyside for nothing.

Things are looking okay for today. We saw an ad on craigslist last night and arranged to see three apartments in one building in Sunnyside and the aparments, at least on the ad, have everything I’m looking for so fingers are crossed. Though my mother was upset that the guy called us back at 9:45 last night when she was trying to watch the Survivor finale and I made her answer my phone. 🙂

So, even though yesterday kinda sucked for awhile, things are still okay. I still love Sunnyside and Woodside and feel really comfortable in that area. I just need to find my apartment there.

Wish us luck!


~ by LMB on 05/17/2010.

One Response to “New York Apartment Hunting Adventure: Day 1 Recap”

  1. Realtors are scum! Ugh. Hope today goes better.

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